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Why we don't charge fees?

Zero rate

At Banco Inter, partnership and transparency are fundamental. Everyone needs a bank, but we believe that we shouldn't pay to have a checking account. Our purpose is to revolutionize the relation between people and bank. With that idea in mind, we created the first 100% free of charge digital checking account in Brazil.

How is that possible? We explain

We are digital
Since you solve everything using the internet, we don't need agencies. With that we have an increase in our efficiency and generates economy for Banco Inter.

We have automatized processes
We also save money by reducing our operational cost. We created smart processes that reduces efforts and bureaucracy.

We are sustainable
As we don't have agencies, we save on the use of papers, energy and other resources.

We make profit when you use the credit/debit card
Partnership needs to be a win-win relation. You enjoy the benefits of the digital account and generate value for Banco Inter when you use your card.

We make profit with other services
We start our partnership with the digital checking account. In the future, if you need other bank services such as a mortgage loan or a payroll loan, you will remember us!

We win on scale
You are so happy using our account and other bank services that you tell your friends to join our revolution.

Now that you know why we don't charge any fees, it's time to rethink your relations with banks.

Now that you know why we don't charge any fees, it's time to rethink your relations with banks.
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Be a partner to your bank instigating the win-win relationship

Every withdraw done in the Banco24Horas network generates a charge, that we pay for it so you don't have to pay anything.
By withdrawing money conscientiousness, you make us sustainable.

Tips to decrease the amount of withdraws:

  • Plan beforehand to reduce the number of withdrawals
  • Use the card instead of money to pay for your purchases
  • Use InterPag: It's easier and offers free payment and transfer
  • Pay your bills using the App: avoid withdrawing money and long waiting lines

Open your Digital Account and stay free of charge

Download the Banco Inter app and open your account 100% free of charge.