Our business model adds value to the whole society

As a digital and complete platform, that simplifies people's lives, we have sustainability and eco-efficiency in our DNA.

We engage the society through education and sustainable examples

Our technological differentials can reduce intermediaries and their negative impacts, facilitating the change of habit to a more sustainable behavior.

We promote sustainability to all our stakeholders

Aligned with our pillars (Financial, Environmental, Social and Governance), we are increasingly developing sustainability actions, generating value for our customers, employees, investors, and for society as a whole.

Get to know our pillars and material topics


Economic Performance: financial strength and results delivery

Financial Inclusion: broad access to the financial system

Innovation and Business: business and products portfolio diversification

Customer Experience: simplicity, partnership and good experience in using the digital platform

Get to know our pillars and material topics


Conscious Consumption: enable and encourage sustainable behavior habits

Renewable Energy: promotion and investment in renewable energy

Get to know our pillars and material topics


Financial Education: spread financial knowledge

Get to know our pillars and material topics


Integrity: ethics and transparency

Digital Security: privacy and security

Organizational Culture: purpose alignment

We are more eco-efficient

Compared to the traditional banking business model, we have eco-efficiency as a great differential. As a result, our customers can consider themselves more sustainable by using only our platform.






energy consumption

We value our certifications

Our commitment to sustainable development is recognized through our commitments and standards.

Logo Desafio 2030

Rede Desafio 2030

We were one of the first companies to join the Rede Desafio 2030, a network of relevant companies from Minas Gerais state, that aims to stimulate the development of projects that help the state achieve it´s goals for the 2030 Agenda.

Logo Selo de Ouro GHG Protocol

GHG Protocol Gold Standard

Since 2020, we are part of the Brazilian GHG Protocol Program. In our first Emissions Inventory, we were awarded the Gold Standard of the GHG Protocol, granted to organizations that fully report scopes 1 and 2 and undergo an external audit.

Logo CDP


In 2020 we started our contact with the institution through the response of the CDP Supply Chain. For the next few years, we will continue to report our climate performance, in line with customer and investor requests and expectations.

Logo Amigo do Clima

Amigo do Clima Program

Through our first Emissions Inventory, it was possible to estimate our impact and compensate it through the purchase of carbon credits. We supported 3 renewable energy generation projects through the Amigo do Clima Program in 2020.

Stay updated in our progress in sustainability

Consult our reports and learn more about our ESG efforts.