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Bureaucracy, queues, lots of charges... We say “no” to all of this and “yes” to you! Banco Inter is the first 100% digital bank in Brazil and the only one to offer a full checking account totally free.

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usuária do banco inter sorrindo com celular na mão
Electronic transfers and bill payments
Electronic transfers and bill payments
>Deposit by ticket
Deposit by ticket
Deposit checks
Deposit checks
Credit card with no anual fee
Credit card with no anual fee
Prepaid Cellphone credit
Prepaid Cellphone recharge
Cash withdraws in a national wide ATM network (Rede Banco24Horas)
Cash withdraws in a national wide ATM network (Rede Banco24Horas)
And more!
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A partneship is only true when everyone wins.

Everyone needs banking and you shouldn’t have to pay too much for it.

Instead of spending on agencies and other complexities (by transferring the cost to our customers), we provide free banking for our customer by cutting out the costs of agencies and other complexities.

Check how much money our customers have already saved on fees this year:

Every penny you save is accounted in real time.

Do you
want it really simple?

No payment terminals, no cards! Our individual and corporate clients can both pay and receive money in the most practical way! Interpag tranfers money between Banco Inter accounts by QR Code, in the App.

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Innovation, security, multiple services. Everything that you need in your bank!

There are more and more digital financial services, but they do not always have the security that a bank must have.

Banco Inter is a multiple bank with more than two decades of history. We are growing, innovating and diversifying our services at the speed of the digital era. But not leaving behind the quality and safety you expect from your bank.