We breathe the new

We were born to do different

Inter is here to rethink what no one stopped to think. Bringing together in a Super App everything that makes a difference in your day to day.

We create what simplifies people lives

Simplifying is taking bureaucracies out of the way and connecting the solutions your life needs in one place.

This is the Super App

We simplified the life of who’s Inter.

Free digital account

Investment platform

Insurance for you and your company

Shopping with the best stores in Brazil

Credit to make your projects come true

Airline tickets

Virtual mobile operator

Numbers of our evolution

+ than 20 million

of people simplifying life, a number that only grows every day.

+ than 3.800

employees are part of Inter.

Our Journey

In a journey with great transformations, every moment is important for us to continue growing and innovating.








Awards and recognitions

We are recognized and awarded in several areas for our innovative actions, and we are focused on positively impacting people lives and the world.

Being sustainable is to simplify and include.

We generate value not only for our customers, but also for employees, investors and society as a whole, always aligned with our Financial, Environmental, Social and Governance pillars.

We have an efficient and socially responsible business model. Learn more about our ESG strategies.

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